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Blog Tour: The Leftovers by Cassandra Parkin

Released: 01/10/2021

Publisher: Legend Press

Genre: Literary fiction / family saga

Buy link: Click here


The Leftovers is a story about sexual power and consent, the myth of the perfect victim, and a dark exploration of the things we do for – and to – the ones we love.

Callie’s life is spent caring for others – for Frey, her client, and for Noah, her brother. When a tragic car accident shatters her family, she’s left alone with her mother Vanessa. Vanessa's favourite child was Noah; Callie's favourite parent was her dad. Now they're stuck with each other - the leftovers of their family - and they'll have to confront the ways they've been hurt, and the ways they've passed that hurt on to others.

My Thoughts:

Are there any authors that you have always wanted to read but haven't as yet? Cassandra Parkin was one of those for me - I'd heard amazing things about her storytelling, which was why I was so curious when this blog tour popped up. I'm so glad I now understand why so many rave about her. Here's why ...

There's an eeriness to the cover art, as well as the blurb. I do enjoy a dark story - as you'll know if you've followed my blog for any length of time. This though, is one that pushed the boundaries. I enjoy reading many genres, and with a creepy book, sometimes I like feeling challenged; asking myself why I'm enjoying it and what made the author decide on that specific idea. Perhaps that's what drew me in, and I was intrigued the whole way through.

The chapters demanded to be read slowly, and I obeyed. The narrator - the main character, Callie - led me forward in a way so that I didn't quite trust her, felt almost alienated by her at times, but wanted to understand why. This is a story about families, about trust and about lots of other things both large and small that I found it hard to put my finger on. You can easily look up trigger warnings, so I won't add them here, but I'd urge you not to spoil any part of the incredible peeling back of layers that the author creates and unpicks as you read through.

If you'd like to spend your evenings reading a creepy, almost uncomfortable book then this could well be a good choice for you as those spooky autumn nights draw in.

Cassandra Parkin's writing is so intricate and haunting, you won't be able to put it down. This is an author that has been on my radar for a long time, and yet somehow this has become my first read by her. I can tell you, it won't be the last now that I understand her powers of storytelling. Thanks to Legend Press for sending me a copy of this for an honest review.


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