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All At Sea
"The sense of place shines through - {this book} has real emotional depth" (Amazon reviewer)
"A tale of love, home and the sea - beautiful"
(Amazon reviewer)

Alice is young, in love and living on the Cornish coast. Life should be perfect. 
But Alice is about to meet someone who will make her question everything. 
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Whispers Through The Trees cover art.PNG
Whispers Through the Trees
The night her stepdad hits her, Susie runs away from home. After an ill-advised hitchhiking ride, she's dropped off at Willow Falls. She stumbles upon a forest trail with idyllic scenery and, giving in to exhaustion, she lets herself sleep in the branches of a treehouse. She awakes to find strange markings on her skin, and a boy appearing through the darkness to help her.
What has she wandered into? Can this boy help her figure out a way to survive away from home?  
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The Years of Us


"A great debut novel" (Amazon reviewer)

"I could not put it down" (Goodreads reviewer)

Five friends. Life, love and a night that will put their friendship to the test.

Following University, a group of friends plan to stick together, but will they survive distance, career changes and lustful love triangles?

Life throws unexpected realities their way, and one fateful night brings their lives into harsh perspective. Minor mistakes result in them questioning who they are and who can be trusted. Can they rebuild the foundations of friendship and move forward or will the test of time finally set them adrift forever?

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