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All At Sea 
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"The sense of place shines through - {this book} has real emotional depth" (Amazon reviewer)

"A tale of love, home and the sea - beautiful"(Amazon reviewer)

Alice is young, in love and living on the Cornish coast. Life should be perfect. But Alice is about to meet someone who will make her question everything. 

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Changing Tides ebook_edited.jpg
All at Sea 2 - Changing Tides
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Can you ever really move forward without looking back?Five years have passed and Melissa has the chance to come back to the cottage by the sea where all the drama unfolded.In need of a fresh start, can she put the past behind her in the very place that left her heartbroken? 
A Line in the Sand ebook_edited.jpg
All at Sea 3 - A Line in the Sand
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Can you ever be completely honest with someone you love? And with yourself?Just as things were coming together, they are starting to fall apart.Will Alice be able to put her indecision aside before she loses the love of her life? Will Mia finally love herself enough to love someone else?  
years of us cover_edited.jpg
The Years of Us
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"A great debut novel" (Amazon reviewer)
"I could not put it down" (Goodreads reviewer)

Five friends. Life, love and a night that will put their friendship to the test. Following University, a group of friends plan to stick together, but will they survive distance, career changes and lustful love triangles?Life throws unexpected realities their way, and one fateful night brings their lives into harsh perspective. Minor mistakes result in them questioning who they are and who can be trusted. Can they rebuild the foundations of friendship and move forward or will the test of time finally set them adrift forever? ​
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