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Review: 'Give Me the Child' by Mel McGrath

Publisher: Harper Collins (HQ)

Genre: Psychological thriller

Blurb: Imagine your doorbell rings in the middle of the night. You open the door to the police.

With them is your husband's eleven-year-old love child. A daughter you never knew he had. Her mother has been found dead in their south London flat. She has nowhere else to go.

My Thoughts:

Firstly, thank you to Waterstones as I won this in a Facebook giveaway - It was a title I'd seen and was already intrigued by so to win a copy was a real bonus.

So, you may know that I'm a huge thriller fan, especially domestic psychological thrillers. This premise gripped me straight away, and it was an intense and emotive ride through the plot. Paula Hawkins' review is on the cover which, again, made my pulse quicken slightly with trepidation.

I loved this book; it was creepy and unnerving and the themes discussed were fascinating. I like for thrillers to tilt towards the darker, more sinister side just to push me into that realm of being almost uncomfortable. If an author is able to explore that without it becoming gratuitous or unwarranted then I find that quite masterful and impressive. Mel McGrath achieved that with this novel, and I enjoyed being along with her for every twist and turn.

Definitely a book to read if you enjoy Paula Hawkins or Clare Mackintosh, well worth a try.

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