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Review: Daughters of the Oak

My Halloween reading has been so exciting - I happened upon this book a while ago, when I saw a photo of the cover on social media. As you might agree, it's a haunting and compelling image and I was impressed to find it was by a fellow indie author. I contacted Becky Wright immediately to order a signed copy (I have little self control when it comes to books)

Daughters of the Oak is set over two time periods (1646 and 2016) and so I was slightly daunted as I don't read a lot of historical fiction. Having said that, I do enjoy a narrative that links the past to a modern day setting. This had an intricate mixture of plotlines, which weaved together complex character relationships and a spooky theme of witchcraft.

I found it creepy, interesting and heartbreakingly bittersweet in places. The ending was quite unexpected, and I have found myself thinking about the characters after putting the novel down (always a good sign)

It's a short book - exactly 200 pages - and so I won't give much of the story away, but from the blurb we know we're following a family of 'witches' that are being hunted by the infamous Matthew Hopkins, Witchfinder General. The 21st century plotline then follows a paranormal team called to help a family who believe their home is being haunted.

I'm always looking for more witchy titles, and would highly recommend this story to anyone who is the same, though it's so much more than that. There's family drama, romantic suspense and horror. I'm now keen to get my hands on Becky's other novel, and eagerly awaiting her next release.

You can find Daughters of the Oak on Amazon, and more author information here:

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