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A lovely, bittersweet story

This week I read a wonderful short story by Lucie Guerre called 'Land of Memories Forgotten'. I was on the train with half an hour to kill, and - as this was a fellow 'indie' author - I thought I'd give it a try.

I won't add much about it here as it's only a short little tale, but we meet Muriel Adams who owns a quaint antique shop and is struggling to fathom a few of her memories, as the title suggests.

It's a quiet, cosy story that felt like a cuddle during a rainy day at the start of Autumn. I then discovered that Lucie is planning to release a collection of stories entitled The Traveller's Series in the future so I shall be eagerly awaiting more short fiction.

Land of Memories Forgotten was released in August and can currently be found on Amazon as well as here:

You can also find out more information from the author here:

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