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A Darkly Funny Insight into the Life of a Professional Dancer . . .

'The Cranes Dance' by Meg Howrey

This novel tells the story of two sisters who are professional ballet dancers in New York City. The author was a dancer and actress herself, and the honesty that comes across in Meg Howrey's writing had me hooked from the first line!

I myself studied dance for many years, and I'm always drawn to novels that have elements of that within their plot so I couldn't resist this. There are insights into the harsh reality of the ballet industry, told in such an engaging and matter of fact way that it almost seems as if it could have been written as diary entries, and as a reader I felt very much like a confidant of the main character.

There are some dark issues dealt with within the story, from sibling rivalry to mental health, but the sharp wit used to describe the issues and how Kate Crane - the main character - deals with her career, family and life created a novel that I very much enjoyed!

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