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Review: The Art of Falling by Danielle McLaughlin

Released: 04/02/2021

Publisher: John Murray Press

Genre: Contemporary literary fiction

More info / Buy link:


Nessa McCormack‘s marriage is coming back together again after her husband’s affair.

She is excited to be in charge of a retrospective art exhibition for one of Ireland’s most beloved and enigmatic artists, the late sculptor Robert Locke.

But the arrival of two outsiders imperils both her personal and professional worlds: a chance encounter with an old friend threatens to expose a betrayal Nessa thought she had long put behind her and, at work, an odd woman comes forward with a mysterious connection to Robert Locke’s life and his most famous work, The Chalk Sculpture.

As Nessa finds the past intruding on the present, she must decide whether she can continue to live a lie - or whether she’s ready to face the consequences once everything is out in the open. In this gripping debut, Danielle McLaughlin reveals profound truths about love, power, and the secrets that rule us.

My Thoughts:

I saw this book on a few people‘s ‘anticipated reads‘ lists for the year and the premise just sounded wonderful. The elements of art and relationships weaving together in the most intriguing way, I‘m so grateful that I was able to be sent a copy for review and be part of shouting about this upon it‘s release.

The story itself brings together so many characecters that it could easily have been confusing to read. Somehow though, the author was able to write with such understated skill that I was right there with Nessa, feeling the emotions she described and empathising with her problems.

For a novel of this genre, it was so accessible with engaging scenes and dialogue across the pages that I just kept turning, eager to find out what would happen with the various characters. Even the side characters, some of whom Nessa found alienating and patronising in places, were so well rounded that I was keen to find out more about them so I could understand why they behaved a certain way.

This book is exquisite, subtle and beautiful and I would highly recommend it. Thanks so much to the publisher for sending me a copy for review.


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