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Blog Tour: We Go on Forever by Sarah Govett

Released: 06/05/2021

Publisher: Marotte

Genre: Young Adult Dystopian

Buy link: Click here for Waterstones link


Arthur is dying. He must transition within the next four weeks or face permanent memory loss. Alba is studying, preparing to impress the Mentors in an all-important interview. If she's picked as the next Apprentice she will be reunited with her best friend and cross the Wilderness for the first time. They meet and everything comes together. And everything falls apart.

My Thoughts:

Wow. Just wow.

I feel like I'm quite choosy when it comes to Young Adult fiction - perhaps as I'm not technically the target audience (a thought I won't dwell on) - though I do read quite a few novels that would fit into the genre.

This story was sold to me as a little like Never Let Me Go (a novel I thought was heart-breaking and wonderful) and the cover of We Go On Forever, well ... I think you'll agree, it's mesmerising.

Something I really like in fiction is multiple points of view, and this story gives us alternating views of the two main characters, Arthur and Alba. For a while, there's some confusion while the world is being built around us (and rather than being annoying or hard to grasp, this was just so compelling) before the plot becomes more fast paced.

At which point, it became that book. The book you just can't put down.

I flew through most of this, loving the way I could sense inspiration from Black Mirror, but then when I thought I'd figured out the ending, the author pulled the rug right out from under me and I was spellbound.

I really hope there's a sequel to this, I need to know what's next and I feel like I've discovered a new favourite author. If you enjoy series like Divergent, the aforementioned Black Mirror and Hunger Games, please pick this up. I'll finish this as I started ... wow.

Thanks so much to Anne Cater for once again sharing with me an author that I'm sure I'll follow throughout her career, and thanks to Marotte and Sarah Govett for allowing me to be part of the promotion for a book that I feel could easily make it to my top books of the year list.


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