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Blog Tour - Together by Luke Adam Hawker

Released: 18/03/2021

Publisher: Kyle Books

Genre: Illustrated / children’s book

More info: Click here for Amazon link.


A monumental storm brings huge and sudden change.

We follow a man and his dog through the uncertainty that it brings to their lives. Through their eyes, we see the difficulties of being apart, the rollercoaster of emotions that we can all relate to, and the realisation that by pulling together we can move through difficult times with new perspective, hope and an appreciation of what matters most in life.

My Thoughts:

This was a hopeful little delight of a book.

If your anything like me, you may have had times this past year where you’ve struggled, powered through, tried to ignore the worry from the dreaded ‘c’ word.

Once in a while though, I’ve had days where I have seen the positives in the small kindnesses. This book encapsulates those moments. It can help to take time to reflect and focus on something good.

The artwork within Together is exquisite, soothing and uplifting. The words are calming, but seem to sum up perfectly a lot of what we‘ve all felt through lockdown. As things begin to look like they’re easing, I’ve taken comfort from these pages and would recommend this book to everyone, for a moment of peace. Also, a great book to read with children to help them talk through any worries they have from the past year. A stunning story that offers honesty and hope when it’s really needed.

Thanks so much to the author, publisher and Anne Cater and for sending me a copy for an honest review.


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