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Blog Tour: The Snow Fox Diaries by Jan Mazzoni

Released: 18/08/2020

Publisher: George Hunt

Genre: General fiction / nature writing


Chic, intelligent, and highly motivated - and unexpectedly unemployed. AND soon to be forty. Not a situation Katie Tremain finds easily to cope with, especially as it gives her time to notice that she and husband Ben seem to get on better together when they’re apart. So, when the opportunity to escape the city and work on a dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere comes her way, how can she turn it down?

Then, one misty morning, she chances across something so wonderful, so bizarre that she can’t believe her eyes. A fox with fur so white if sparkles, like snow. A rare, precious and very vulnerable albino vixen.

From that moment, Katie‘a days - and her life - will change completely, the fate of her marriage becoming entwined with that of the fox as both struggle to survive.

This is a story of what happens when passion becomes obsession. Set against the wild, beautiful, often violent world of today’s Exmoor, it’s also a story about the power of love. And guns. And doughnuts.

My Thoughts:

(Firstly, let me admit to some IT issues this week so please forgive any anomalies within this post)

This novel was compelling, breath taking and beautifully written.

I loved the nature elements, and was completely engrossed with the story of Katie and Ben’s struggling marriage.

Somehow, the author was able to fuse these two themes in a way that complimented each and worked wonderfully.

There are some important and triggering themes explored, including obviously animal welfare, but I found that these just reinforced the importance of the plot and found myself turning the pages to find out more about the characters and what would happen. The scenes where Katie is out in nature are told with such wonder and awe that as a reader, I was right there with her and it really held me within the story.

I wasn’t fully sure what to expect going into this novel, but honestly I was blown away by the exquisite writing, emotive style and the need to find out what would come of Katie and Ben. Thanks so much to Anne Cater for allowing me to be part of the blog tour, and to Jan Mazzoni for sending me a copy for review.


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