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Blog Tour: The Colour of Thunder by Suzanne Harrison

Released: 01/02/2021

Publisher: Legend Press

Genre: Thriller


One small island, six troubled lives, and the storm of the century is on its way. In one of the world‘s most vibrant international cities, present day Hong Kong, the lives of six people become irreversibly intertwined. The past is catching up with those running from it, while the futures of others hangs dangerously in the balance.

But who knows the most? And what will they do to keep it that way?

My Thoughts:

What an intriguing little book. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the premise, but the first chapter pulled me in and I really enjoyed the twists and turns that the plot took.

Firstly, I’d like to draw your eyes to the beautiful cover. The vibrant colours are perfect to reflect the story and how vibrant each character is. For a short novel, I liked the diversity and how the author played with the characters to tease out more information as things unravelled.

I’m usually a fan of a narrative with multiple points of view, as I feel that you can get a more rounded view of the story and find out more when it comes to twists. If you prefer a single narrator, then this may not be for you, but I was impressed by how many intricacies the author managed to pack into just around 280 pages. I loved how the story switched and kept me on my toes, pulling me deeper into the mysteries of the plot.

I can’t think of a similar story I’ve read as The Colour of Thunder was wonderfully unique, but I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys a twisty drama. The evocative atmosphere that the author creates could easily be adapted to the screen and would make a great film for Netflix or the like.

Thanks to Legend Press for sending me another great book for review.


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