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Blog Tour: One Summer in Cornwall by Karen King

Released: 29th April 2021

Publisher: Headline / Accent

Genre: Women’s fiction / contemporary romance

Buy link: Click here for Amazon link


When Hattie is made redundant and evicted from her flat in one horrible week, she needs time to rethink. Her uncle Albert left her and her father each half of Fisherman’s Rest, his home in the Cornish town of Port Medden, so this seems the perfect place to escape to until she can figure things out.

As Hattie stays in the cottage, clearing it out, tidying it up and getting it ready to sell, she starts to find her feet in Port Medden and making a new home here begins to feel right. If only her dad didn’t need a quick sale and things weren’t complicated by her unwelcoming neighbour Marcus ...

My Thoughts:

Anyone else want to escape to the seaside?

This is the perfect summer read to transport yourself to the coast and get away from it all.

Hattie is a feisty and fun protagonist, trying to decide her next move when her life hits a rough patch. She’s driven and loveable, but the best part of this story for me was how well Karen painted the setting and the atmosphere. I adore Cornwall and the scenery alone was enough to make me want to read this book. I found Hattie relatable and easy to follow through the pages. Marcus was a charismatic and interesting character as he’s not written as the genetic love interest - there’s more to his own story than that and I appreciated having some sections written from his point of view as it gave a more rounded narrative.

There were a few elements of the plot that were perhaps a little predictable, but that added to the comfort of it as I was reading it through a busy week and it let my mind travel to a safe, warm setting which I loved. I can’t think of a better time to read this novel - as the evenings are starting to grow lighter and we have the tentative optimism of the end of lockdown weaving its way towards us, what better to whet your holiday appetite than imagining yourself in a cottage by the seaside?

Thanks so much to Karen King and Headline for sending me a copy for an honest review and inviting me to be part of the blog tour. Check out the other awesome bloggers reviews - are you following them? Happy reading.


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