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Blog Tour: Without a Trace by Carissa Ann Lynch

Released: 13th June 2019

Publisher: Killer Reads (Harper Collins)

Genre: Psychological thriller


From the USA Today bestselling author of My Sister Is Missing

Lily’s gone. Someone took her. Unless she was she never there…

A little girl has gone missing.

Lily was last seen being tucked into bed by her adoring mother, Nova. But the next morning, the bed is empty except for a creepy toy rabbit.

Has Nova’s abusive ex stolen his “little bunny” back for good?

At first, Officer Ellie James assumes this is a clear custody battle. Until she discovers that there are no pictures of the girl and her drawers are full of unused toys and brand new clothes that have never been worn…

Is Ellie searching for a missing child who doesn’t actually exist?

My Thoughts:

I read the premise of this and couldn't quite fathom what could be going on. Of course, a wonderful way to go into a thriller, and I was gripped right from the start.

We have three main narrators; Nova 'the mother', Ellie 'the cop' and Clara 'the neighbour'. They have alternating chapters, and all three have an element of the unreliable about them. To begin with, I wasn't sure if that would be too much, as they were all painted somewhat as 'neurotic women'. Reading further though, they were each so different and intriguing, and their foibles were well developed and needed for the story to work. The novel was very dark in places, which if you follow my blog you'll know is something I love in a thriller. It was creepy, unsettling and I could not put it down.

As the plot unfolds and you begin to see links between the characters, this novel becomes more important in the themes it tackles. I won't go too much into what those are - no spoilers - but from the blurb you see that domestic abuse plays a part and through the story this is written well and brings a whole new level to how you see things.

This is a gritty, compelling book that I would recommend for fans of Clare Mackintosh and B.A. Paris. If you like your thrillers dark and your willing to go along for the ride when there are twists and turns throughout, give it a go. Thanks to Anne Cater, Killer Reads and Carissa Ann Lynch for letting me be part of this blog tour and for sending me a copy for review.

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