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Exciting New Releases

I wanted to share with you some new arrivals through my letterbox that I can't wait to read and review in the next few months. I'm lucky to be working with a few incredible publishers and blog tour organisers and I'm thrilled to be part of the promotional tours for these. They will all be featured in reviews soon so I'll only give a short overview for now, with the release dates as a few are already available:

Needlemouse by Jane O'Connor

Publisher: Ebury Press (Penguin)

Release date: 27th June 2019

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the cover of this (top of the pile) designed by Emma Pidsley. The final cover design is different but just as pretty. Plus there's a hedgehog on the back cover which is so cute. The story is about Sylvia Penton, a woman who lives alone, works at the local University and volunteers at a hedgehog sanctuary at the weekends. The premise of this gives me vibes of Eleanor Olyphant is Completely Fine - one of my favourites from last year - so I can't wait to read it.

#Zero by Neil McCormick

Publisher: Unbound

Release date: 18th April 2019

A comedic whirlwind of a novel about the music industry. I'm currently reading this, and it's dark and hilarious. Telling the story of an iconic pop superstar during the rise and potential fall of his career (from what I've gathered so far) I think if you enjoy Caitlin Moran's writing - or if you read Neil's book Killing Bono and were a fan - and like a tongue in cheek insight into the life of a musician then this could be for you. I should maybe add trigger warnings for language as well as drug use and mental health.

Poster Boy by M.J. Crosskey

Publisher: Legends Press

Release date: 1st April 2019

This is described as a dystopian thriller with a 'too-close-to-home' feel in it's themes. Compared to The Handmaids' Tale and Gone Girl (both of which I adored) this is one to check out if you like your fiction dark and perhaps controversial.

Asylum by Marcus Low

Publisher: Legends Press

Release date: 15th April 2019

Legend Press seem to be rocking the dystopian fiction at the moment - a favourite genre of mine, so I'm in - and this little story (around 200 pages if you like a quick read) is set in a quarantine facility that seems to be promising a man who is struggling with both his physical and mental health. I'm intrigued.

The Curse of Ragman's Hollow by Rhys A Jones

Publisher: Wyrmwood books

Release date: 28th January 2019

This is a children's fantasy / adventure story that is the third book in the Merryweather's series, but can be read as a standalone. This is the first I'll have read, but it follows a boy called Sam Jones who is being trained by his grandmother to be one of the 'Cunning Folk'. His mum then whisks him off to the country for a holiday, where a long walk leads them to Ragman's Hollow, where people have been known to go missing. I'm hoping for a fun adventure with creepy and magical overtones.

The Forgotten Sister by Caroline Bond

Publisher: Corvus (Atlantic books)

Release date: 2nd May 2019

A novel following two sisters, Cassie and Erin, one of which is adopted. At seventeen, Cassie sets out to find her birth mother and the story goes from there. I'm hoping that this will be in a similar vein to Jodi Picoult and Dorothy Koomson, two authors I've always loved. My review will be coming next month.

So, there you go - Some of the most exciting books that are on my radar for the next month or two. All of the reviews will be posted on here in due course, but for now go and check them out - some are available to buy already, the others you can pre order if you are as intrigued as me. Thanks to the publishers and authors for sending these to me so I can share my thoughts with you.

Happy reading :)

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