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The Only Novel I've Ever Read in One Day

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a proof copy of this earlier in the year, and - being a huge fan of thrillers - I didn't wait long to jump in.

Admittedly, I read it a while ago but the plot was so cunning and complex that it has stayed with me. Honestly, part of why I'm reviewing it here is so I can try to move on.

I tend to take around a week to read a novel (depending on length, of course) but this one I began at around 10am one Sunday morning, and wasn't able to sleep until I reached the end at maybe 11.30pm that evening. Given that it's a proof copy, the blurb is brief:

'Twelve years ago Finn's girlfriend disappeared. He told the police the truth about that night.

Just not the whole truth'

It's marketed as 'the next Girl on the Train' and, while I loved that novel, this seemed to be on a different level. I love thrillers for the edge-of-your-seat escapism, but it takes great writing to take it to the situation where you simply don't feel right about putting the book to the side for longer than a few minutes. The characters were well developed and flawed, but I still found myself wanting to stay with them. The plot was twisty but not in a gimmicky way, just in a way that B.A. Paris obviously thrives on keeping you completely on your toes, and it worked.

Bring Me Back came out in March, and if you enjoy thrillers that leave you with that feeling where you're not sure what to think, and where things get almost too dark but still make you turn the page, I would highly recommend this.

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