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A Lovely Bookish Break in Bath

I recently had a few days in Bath, and had to share my bookish adventures here as they were wonderful! I'd heard that Bath was amazing for book shopping and I wasn't disappointed ...

The best two we found were Mr. B's Emporium and Topping and Company. The latter was like a dream, with signed first editions and paperbacks - my personal favourite - that I'd never come across before.

I picked up four novels there (huge restraint on my part) and had a lovely chat with the owner at the till where I congratulated her on being awesome.

Next was Mr. B's. where I made the crazy and exciting discovery that 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape?' (a 90s film favourite starring Johnny Depp) had actually been based on a novel. I was immediately sold, and continued to hunt the shelves for other hidden gems. I bagged another two books and left with a bounce in my step and a very pretty Books Are My Bag paper carrier, which in itself I was giddy about.

Reviews on all of the books on the way ...

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